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Guide in the cross-stitch

    Preparing a project of a pattern and cross-stitch is not a difficult but also not a trivial task. It requires knowledge of methods, limits of the technique used and the influence of some parameters on the final result.

    On this page, instruction articles will be published which – let's hope – will be helpful for a person who wants to know the complexity of creating cross-stitch at the advanced level.

    List of articles (click to read):

Topic: How to match number of strands to canvas density.
Abstract: The article contains a clue and an illustration – what you may expect when you cross-stitch with a given number of threads on canvases of various density.
Topic: How HaftiX works and why the patterns may turn out to be different than we expected
Abstract: description of aspects of perceiving colours by humans and some limitations of cross-stitch technique
Topic: Limitations of cross-stitch
Abstract: what you can expect from cross-stitch and what difficulties may appear during the process of pattern designing
Topic: How to prepare a good cross-stitch pattern?
Abstract: basic stages of designing a pattern and aspects which need to be paid attention to.

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